Hi, I’m Lynn and welcome! Here are a few facts so you can get to know me better.

Who:     Lynn Archiopoli (pronounced Arch-i-po-lee)

What:    Still a work in progress and hope to always be so. But in terms of how I make a living, I’ve spent the past 34 years in the financial services industry.

When:   Started this blog in June 2015. I’ve been on this earth much longer than that.

Where:  Charlotte, NC

Why:      So my dreams of being a writer, photographer, interior decorator, teacher, bed and breakfast owner and entrepreneur can have an outlet and entertain everyone who finds this blog.

Lynn now


  1. Pat Goolsby

    Layoffs suck, but you’re right….you’re in good company these days. Can you send your new email address or current phone. Would love to catch up.


  2. vicki lurie

    hello dear friend….

    i cannot seem to find your new e mail address……and wanted to check in to see how life has been treating you…

    sending love and hugs…



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