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The Taste of Summer All Year Long

Limes and Lemons

I love key lime pie. And as you know from a previous entry, I am always on the lookout for great tasting lower calorie desserts and I found the best key lime pie recipe from Wight Watchers.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to make. And I have gotten to the point where I almost prefer this over the fully loaded version – heresy, I know. I try to keep that a secret from the foodies. But trust me, this is worth sticking your neck out for. And if you follow the Weight watchers plan, it’s only 3 points per serving.




1 box (0.3 oz.) sugar-free lime flavor gelatin

¼ cup boiling water

16 oz. key lime pie flavor light yogurt

1 container (8 oz.) frozen fat free whipped topping, thawed

1 prepared 9” reduced-fat graham cracker pie crust


In a large heat resistant bowl, dissolve the gelatin in boiling water.

With a wire whisk, stir in yogurt.

Gently fold in the whipped topping.

Transfer the mixture to the prepared crust; refrigerate overnight, or at least 2 hours.

Give the pie the full 2 hours to firm, or longer if you can stand it. I learned the hard way what happens when you slice into it too soon.

For variation, all you need is the same flavor sugar free gelatin and light yogurt and you are good to go. I’ve tried this with lemon (also very good), strawberry and peach. The latter two were OK, but I never made them again.

But the lime and lemon and my go to staples all year long, especially after a meal that tends to be a little heavy. This is a dessert you can eat without feeling the least bit guilty. And it gives you a taste of summer all year long.

Bon appetite!