The B & B Dream

B-B SignMy dream of running a bed and breakfast has been taking shape for years, but it became more clear eleven years ago when my sister, along with a group of dear friends, surprised me with a trip to Cape Cod for a milestone birthday.

For those who have never been, Cape Cod is in southeastern Massachusetts. Its 15 main towns encompass quaint villages, seafood shacks, lighthouses, ponds and bay and ocean beaches. This is an area where charm and bed and breakfasts are in plentiful supply.

As the week progressed the planning for the B&B became an almost daily activity. We talked about potential names for the guest rooms and how they would be decorated. We discussed the breakfast menu and late afternoon cocktails on the wrap around porch (during good weather) or by the fireplace (during cooler months). By the end of the week we assigned various roles:  my sister would be commissioned for art work for the inn; Robyn would oversee the garden (she has great skill with roses) and Betsy would run a small bakery on the premises – the same bakery that would supply items for breakfast and be open to the public.

Fast forward 10 years and I am on a work team quite geographically dispersed, so we initiate a virtual coffee break. Once a month we gather by telephone and discuss a non-work topic for 30 minutes. It was a great way to get to know each other and the topics were varied:  first concert, celebrities you get mistaken for, favorite vacation destination and probably the most hotly debated topic – favorite candy.

On the topic of dream job I shared my plans for the B&B. As the discussion progressed it became clear I found additional resources to help with the B&B while supporting my teammates in realizing their dreams. Sharon wants to create her own fabrics, so there was my source for outfitting the inn. Gina wants to have her own winery, so there was my source for cocktail hour, and the conversation went on and on. Little did I know our small group could become so instrumental in our mutual success.

Truth be told, I will probably never own a bed and breakfast, but it is fun to keep the dream alive. It pulls at me from time to time, especially when on vacation, when all of us have those moments thinking about how our lives could be different.

And it’s in the wondering that makes us a little more interesting and open new ideas, whether we act on them or not don’t you think?

Here’s to your dream job – whatever that might be.