The New Kid

New Kid post photoIt’s been a very long time since I was the new kid a work – I mean totally new. That was the case last week and it was exhausting.

When I moved to different groups at the bank there was so much that remained the same. Sure I had a new manager and new teammates but I had my bearings and the new and different fell into place quickly.

Last week I started a part time job in a new industry so there is lots to learn. A new boss, new teammates, a new computer system to learn (everything, and I mean everything they do is online), new processes to follow as well as clients to get to know. I went from a situation where I was confident all the time to so little of the time just like that.

Aside from being humbling, my first three days of orientation and training were exhausting. My brain was on overdrive as I tried to take it all in. It felt like I was drinking from a fire hose, but I made it through day one and actually went back for days two and three – a very good sign.

The staff members I shadowed were patient and helpful and all I can hope is that I was the same when I was orienting new teammates at the bank. I know in time it will become familiar and I will be laughing when I think back to my first days and how diligently I studied the training materials.

It is good to try something brand new from time to time. It gets us out of our comfort zone and helps expand our horizons, especially, in a situation like mine, where several of the staff members are young women in their early 20’s who have a much different perspective on life than I. It’s also good to change-up your routine. If I’m not careful I can fall into a rut very easily so I like the push it gives me.

I’ve decided to approach this week focusing on what I already know vs. how much more I still have to learn. And if I can do that each day at work, I know I will feel more comfortable and confident in no time.

Wish me luck!


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